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Hundsun Technology is a wholly-owned sub-company of Hundsun Technologies Inc. Composed of three divisions including intellectual transportation, e-business and system integration, it works to provide comprehensive IT solutions to different industries including finance, government, transportation, education and other industries. Hundsun Technology is one of the pioneers in the field of intellectual transportation in China, and it has advanced comprehensive software solutions to e-business, e-government and enterprise management.

Business Business introduction Solutions
Transportation development As one of the pioneers in the field of intellectual transportation, Hundsun is a famous intellectual transportation software developer in China.
E-police solution
Intellectual integration As a famous service integration provider in China, Hundsun works hard to provide the most considerate service to customers.
Large e-business website safety solution
E-business As an outstanding e-business solution provider in China, Hundsun can provide advanced software and comprehensive e-business, e-government and business management solutions.
Online trading solution
Online payment solution
B2C e-business platform solution
B2B2C comprehensive e-business platform solution
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